Hartman Value Profile Assessment

The capacity to make valuable judgements.

Hartman Value
Profile Assessment

The Hartman Value Profile (HVP) measures a person’s capacity to make value judgments about the world and one’s self. It makes it easy to identify and understand our own thinking style to increase self-awareness.


    Critical thinking is the analysis of facts to form a judgment.


    The ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions.


    The action or process of making decisions, especially important ones.



Your decisions always precede your actions, which drive your results.



It is important to focus more time maximizing strengths, then spending time minimizing the effects of limitations.



Every success or failure is defined by the quality of the decision(s) that guided it from start to finish.

The importance of learning your capacity for valuable judgements:

  • Over or under biases in judgment can lead to riskier decisions
  • Weakness in judgment leaves a risk for making poor decisions which lead to poor performance
  • When we understand potential limitations and blind spots, we can account for them to make better decisions consciously


There are many benefits of learning about the Hartman Value Profile. We should try to be as clear as possible about the differences between values (what we value) and evaluations (how we value). Understanding our ability to process information and our preferences for thinking can enlighten us regarding our strengths and potential blocks to success. Thinking and mental processing, like musical talent or sports talent, can be learned and improved. The report reveals any situational bias we may have in the area of people, tasks and/or systems so we can examine our balance of our own thinking styles. Through increased awareness of how we think, we can explore the effectiveness of our thinking styles, and evaluate areas of opportunity for increasing our decision-making skills.

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