Co-active Coaching

There is more to business coaching than just listening to someone tell you what you need to change, then changing it to notice the results. Business coaching is a collaboration, and an opportunity to build relationships for the overall success of your small business, or as an entrepreneur. Business coaching can be co-active, and this successful business model is exactly what we offer.

What is Co-active Coaching?

There are many types of business coaching methods and models that help businesses every day. However, our co-active model is beneficial for all business owners looking to balance self-awareness, form relationships, and help all business partners, and staff, feel connected to both the business and each other.

In a sense, Co-active Coaching helps to form bonds, intimacy, and a platform for everyone to take action, take charge, and achieve their goals. After all, if you’re not in the correct frame of mind to put your business on the right path, how can you expect to achieve your goals? It takes a co- active approach to both training and coaching.

What is Co-active Training?

Co-active Training involves changing the way people, within the workplace and their personal lives, relate to one another. Over half of the workforce in the United States does not feel engaged in their work, so Co-active Training aims to change that. By applying the Co-active model and principles, you and your staff can become passionate about your work, connect with one another, think bigger than just day-to-day tasks, and become great leaders.

What is Co-active Coaching?

In most business coaching methods, the business owner listens to advice and is instructed on how to turn their business around. While it can work for some people, it doesn’t work for everyone. Co-active Coaching is an entirely different form of business coaching that encourages business owners
and their team to use the skills they already possess. In effect, it’s helping you to solve problems you already know how to solve, simply by bringing that skill set to the surface.

We will ask questions, listen, and empower you to make the changes you already know how to make. We don’t instruct or advise; we give you the strength to feel ready, able, and motivated, to make changes.

Here at Corazón Business Coaching, we know you’re capable of success. So do you. Therefore, we use Co-active Coaching to bring out the passion in you for the betterment of your business now and into the future.