Time  Management Tips

If you trade the word time for life, it gives you a different perspective on how you spend your day. How are you managing your life? Do you have frequent interruptions? Do you have a hard time focusing? All of these issues can be eased through a few simple adjustments.

Toggl is a great app to log your time into. I would suggest logging your time for at least two weeks to see exactly where your time wasters are. You would be surprised what you spend your time doing.

Do you check your email first thing in the morning? Before you have even gotten out of bed?

How did  that work for your steps to achieving the goals on your to do list? When an email is received in your inbox, that is a request for your time from someone else. It’s up to you to manage the requests. Boomerang is a great extension to add to your google mail that enables you to manage when you will answer an email.

Unrollme.com is great for getting all your promotional email sent to you in one email at a certain time. This also enables you to unsubscribe to items you didn’t realize you were getting emails from!

Check your email at designated times ie. three times a day. 9:00, 1:00 and 5:00 pm

Answering emails frequently is a time waster and tricks you into feeling accomplished!

Prioritize your to do list, are there items you can delegate? Then Delegate them!

Set time limits for tasks. This makes it easier to be focused on the task at hand. Your mind automatically knows that it will be moving to another task soon. Having said that, take a break between tasks. Give your brain a natural transition so you can start fresh on the next task.

Close out all your browser windows while focusing on a task. This eliminates the temptations to stray to other items that might need your attention. This one can be tricky but it is super effective.

Put your phone away or turn to silent while focusing on another task.

Eat the Frog, do the most important or dreaded task on your list first. Then the rest of the day will seem like a piece of cake.

Don’t let the small details bog you down. Work on the bigger picture the small things usually get taken care as the task is complete.

As your business coach I will help you find the perfect solution to how you spend your time, in order to become more efficient and cross those tasks off of your list.


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